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What’s the secret of getting good citations for Business?

Build citations is easy, but build good citations is hard.

Your competitor business listing is rank higher in Google but not yours?

This happened because of good citations, some people know how to build good citations.

I’m one of those people 🙂 

And today’s article, I am going to give you top free local business listing sites that I personally use for my business and it helps me to increase my business citations flow.

Before start, let me clear one thing, lots of peoples think business listing and directory submission are the same, but they are wrong.

Local business submission site and directory submission sites both are different.

In this article, I will give you brief differences between the business listing and directory submission.

And also you will get my favorite top 100 business listing site that’s will increase your business citations.

Before we start this article, you should know “after Google penguin update the directory submission is dead” confirm by lots of SEO Experts, they think Now Google counts to Directory submission as a SPAM.

But some SEO Experts think the directory submission still works for local SEO.

Because Google has not yet declared the directory submission is dead.

Here you can read SEO Experts advice on Directory submission.

I know the directory submission link is a low-quality link, this link never boost your ranking in Google organic result, but I am also still confused Directory submission is useful or worthless for Local SEO.

I never submitted My Business into Directory Submission, that’s why I have no collection of Directory submission sites.

But I have the best collection of local business submission site list for your small business, and this list increases your citations trust in 2019 and beyond.

Let’s began!

What is the local business listing?

Local business listing such as an online business portfolio that contains your business information like your business name, address, phone number, location, opening and closing time and some more information.

Mostly all listing offers free business submission, but few websites take charges to submit your business on their listing.

In both listings, you have to manually add your all information or claim your business listing.

In other terms,

It is very easy for everyone to start any business, but the hard part of the business is marketing, and without the local listing site and citation, it is very difficult to improve the online visibility of your business, difficult to create good online representation and it is also difficult to increase your ranking in SERP.

Including Google, Bing, Yahoo a lot of around 360 search engines in the world, all search engine has own business listing.

But Google is a faster-growing search engine, Google has own business listing site, which is Google My Business.

At this time 90% of people are using Google Search Engine to find any service or product in their area (location).

According to a Google report, 70% of people are happy with Google Business Listing, that’s why Google My Business listing is growing day by day.

If you are a small business owner, you should claim your business listing in Google My Business to increase your online visibility and income.

The only claim will never increase your online visibility, after claiming your business account on Google, you need to Optimize your Google My Business account with Google Guidelines.

When you completely optimize your listing, the next step is ranking of Business listing.

Google my business ranking is mostly depends on your business citations.

You don’t know what is citations flow?

Don’t worried, in the below section I will give you all the information about citations.

What is Directory Submission?

A business directory is an online list of businesses in every location within a particular niche, location, or category. One way local businesses can get found by online searchers is through inclusion in the business directories list.

Local small business directory submission never boosts your local organic ranking, but lots of SEO experts say directory submission helps you to boost your Google My business ranking.

[Note: I never submitted my business information in directory submission]

Primarily 3 types of Directory submission are available.

  1. Basic Directory submission
  2. Normal Directory submissions
  3. Multi URL Directory Submissions

What is the Difference between Local Listing and Directory Submission?

Here I am giving you a brief difference between directory submission and business listing. In both, the site submission process is the same but the platform is different.

Business listing

Directory Submission

We need to verify the address and phone number, business location, and much other information.We don’t need to verify the address and phone number, business location, and other information.
Shows your business information like address, phone number, working days, payment modes, working hours, business photos, etc. it will help to promote your business.Normal Directory site only shows your website title, description and website URL.
Business Listings are live in real time with valuable information.Directory submission takes a lot of time to get approved and more importantly, most of the directories do not have any value in front of Google because of the spam submissions.
Improve Local SEO.

Business listing is to list your business or website with a business listing website like Justdial, Indiamart, Sulekha, etc. to get the local business and to improve the local SEO ranking.

Don’t Improve Local SEO.

Directory submission is submitting your site to the right niche in directory sites like Dmoz and many others. Directory submission is never boosting your local organic ranking.

In a local business listing, we will never get any spam issues or any other problem.In Directory submission, after a few times, you will get spam problems because of now Google counts to Directory submission as a SPAM. And spam definitely harming your ranking.
Business listing helps you to improve your service and product sales.Directory submission never increases your sales.
Business listings improve your citations flow.Directory submission never improves your citations but increase your spam score.
Google Counts business listing as a local ranking factor.Google Counts Directory submission as spam.
The business listing site helps Google to more easily understand your business (your service and product) for more ranking.Directory submission sites always decrease your ranking in Google SERP and another search engine too.
Business Listing sites give you a high-quality useful link.Directory submission sites give you a low-quality worthless link.

I hope all confusion about business listings and online directories submission have now been resolved.

But you still confused about citations.

 Am I right?

Don’t worried, now I am expelling you about citation flow, why this is impotent in local SEO and how can you increase your Business citations for more ranking.

What is a local citation flow?

A citation is mention of your business information (such as an NAPW) on another local business website, that’s why NAPW (Name, Address, Phone Number, website URL) is the main ranking factor of Google My Business.

The local citation comes in different forms, for example

  • Company name
  • Company name, phone number, & address
  • Business (Company) name & phone number
  • Company name, phone number, address, & website
  • Company phone number
  • Local Business (Company) name & website
  • And so on

In other words,

Your business NAPW is available on another website then that NAPW called as Citations.

When you submit your business in another business listing site, that time you are increasing your business citations.

If your business has high citations, then you can rank your GMB listing on your target keywords very easily.

Types of Citations

  1. Structure Citations
  2. Unstructured Citations

The team of citations was marked in 2018 by David Mihm in this fundamental post, Local VS Traditional SEO: Why Citation Is the New Link.

Why are citations impotent for SEO?

Citations are an important part of search engine ranking and used by all search engines to help determine where to your site amongst the competition.

How to Build Citations for local business

Citation build is very easy, but Good citations build is a little bit harder, that’s why I am adding here the best tips for building citations for your local business.

tips for building citations

For even more tips, you can visit Phil Rozek’s post on best practice for building citation, this post published in 2013 but most of these tips are still work in 2019 and beyond.

Top 100 Local Business listing Sites List

Here you will get a free business listing sites, that useful in India and also useful in other countries. Before you submit your business information, you should know how to submit business information to another website, which increases your more business citations.

When you go to submit your business on other sites, that time keep these things in your mind.

  • All information will same in all local business listing but the description is always unique.
  • Submit that information, which has been already submitted on your website.
  • Always use your domain Email. (EX: [email protected])
  • Always provide accurate information about your business
  • Publish your business logo and other images on business listing sites (I already told you, how you can share your images on business listing sites for more income)
  • If you have multiple business listing, that time mention all service location in one business listing.

Now you perfectly understood, how to submit business information in the business listing site. Now we will go for our business listing sites.

At this time, do you no time to build citations for your business by using these websites?
Don’t worry, Download This List Now and build citations anytime.

Here are your local business listing sites.
S. NoLocal Business Listing SitesDAPAMOZ RankType Of Link
51www.csslight.com34414.1 Do-follow
66www.yelu.in29 37 3.7 Do-follow
67business-startpage.com29 40 Do-follow 28 47 4.7 Do-follow 28 47 4.7 Do-follow
70 www.dialindia.com28 47 4.7 Do-follow 2847 4.7 Do-follow
72 https://wadline.com28 33 3.3 Do-follow 27 35 3.5 Do-follow
74www.adfreeposting.com26 33 3.3 Do-follow
75www.sholay.in26 34 3.4 
Do-follow 2632 3.2 Do-follow 25343.4 Do-follow 2537 3.7 Do-follow 2535 3.5 Do-follow
80 2438 3.8 Do-follow
81 2432 3.2 Do-follow 2446 4.6 Do-follow
83 37 3.7 Do-follow
84 36 3.6 Do-follow
85 24 27 2.7 Do-follow  2328 2.8 Do-follow
87 2330 Do-follow 23 37 3.7 Do-follow  2232 3.2 Do-follow  2232 3.2 Do-follow 22 45 4.5 Do-follow
92www.yellez.com22 29 2.9 Do-follow 2144 4.4 Do-follow 2046 4.6 Do-follow
95 1928 2.8 Do-follow
96http://www.indisearch.com19 45 4.5 Do-follow
97https://bharathlisting.com19 37 3.7 Do-follow
98 1732 3.2 Do-follow
99 1730 Do-follow
100https://www.localfrog.in15 28 2.8 

Once you submit your business information on the above website (local business listing sites), now you think your business citations are increase or not?

Am I right?

Don’t worry, you can check your business citation flow by Majestic Tool.

Majestic allows you to check your citation flow without any charges, so go and check it out your citations score.

But you want to check your business listing (like a listing score, how your listing performs in Google, how much visibility of your listing in the search engine, what is a reputation of your listing in the market and many more), you can check all things, By MOZ local.


Business listing submission is a very impotent step for ranking Google My Business.

But lots of peoples are still confusion in Local Business Listings and Directory submission, but in this article, I remove all confusion because of in this post I am adding brief deference about Local Business Listing and Directory submission.

And local listings will increase your local citations and income.

You don’t know how to build citations for your business?

It very simple, submit your business information such as NAPW (name, address, phone number and website URL) on another website.

Before you start your business information submission on another website (local business listing sites), you should read the best tips for build citations. (Which I added in this article)

I hope, now you perfectly understand the local business listing sites, and why these sites are important for local businesses.

Still, you have any confusion about a business listing, Directory submission or local citations, feel free to ask your all question in below comment box, I will answer of your all question as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for reading my article, definitely, this article gives you lots of knowledge about Local Business listing.

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