What is a Local Citations? & How To Spy Competitors Citations Sources?

Are you strangling to rank your Google My Business listing in Google Maps?

You have done everything, but still, you’re listing not rank high in Google maps.

This is happened because of due to Local Citations.

But don’t worry, in this article I will give you details guide on Citations.

I promise if you will read this perfectly and implement all the strategy those I will give you in this article.

Then within the next few weeks, you will see your Business listing get a high position on your targeted keywords.

Let’s Began.

What are Local Citations?

A local Citations is online mention of any business (NAP) Name, Address, Phone Number on another local website, local business directory and app that information called as a Local Citations.

Citations help local are people to discover local business near their location, and it also helps search crawler to improve GMB listing in Google maps, because of citations is impacting on local search engine ranking.

What are the types of local SEO Citations?

Normally 3 types of citations are most important for any business to grow online, by using Brightlocal software you can build all types of citations.

Major Local Business Data Platforms:- Local Business owners and marketers can create citations on a variety of important local business data platform which is allowed to publish NAP type of data on their listing. Popular platform including Google My Business, Acxiom, Neustar, Infogroup, and Bing local listing. Also, you can build citations on popular social media and review-oriented sites such as Facebook, Indiamart, Sulekha, and Yelp.

Geo/Industry-specific platforms:- You can build local business listing on the related to your business industry and also related Geographic. all company is seeking to build listing on that website that is specifically related website.

The Wider Web:- Wider web citations are built or earned by a wide variety of publications, including blog, news website, apps, different types of maps, government databases and much more.

All the above citations can be developed via the use of Brightlocal automated software, or you can build by filling out the forms directly on local business directories.

Finally, you understand the type of Citations, and which citations are best for your business.

Now we are going to talk about the components of local citations.

What are the Components of Local Citation?

The main components of local SEO citations are NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) and also counted reference Backlink to a website landing page (which you have Submitted in your GMB Listing).

In addition to this, lots of other information also counted as citations, below are the list.

  • Driving Direction
  • Business Hours
  • Business Categories
  • GEO-coordinates
  • Business Description
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Payments from accepted
  • Reviews
  • Response to reviews
  • Email Address
  • Taglines of Business
  • Links to social media and also on other forms website
  • Alternate phone number
  • Fax Number
  • Attributes

According to the survey, Google and other search engines have counted that information also as business citations.

Why Local Citations are Important?

Citations help all search engines, verify your business exists. It means when multiple credible sources have the same and accurate information about your business, this information signals to search engines that your business is trusted and legitimate.

Submit your business on reputed national and local sites and helps your business to create authority, location trust, and citations, it will improve your business ability to rank In local business lists.

Survey of Moz, 13.31% your Local business ranking depend on citations, and Google and Bing local ranking algorithm official announced this.

Local search ranking factors, 2017

The more places your business information appears online, the more prominent your business appears on all local maps listings. Instance, if your business is mentioned on hundreds of websites, compared to your competitors, those have only a few dozen mentioned. It makes the different front of Google and other search engines, it shows your business more popular business and this difference gives your boost in the ranking.

Where to get positive citations?

Building citation is not tough, but building good and positive citation, which improves your local ranking, is tough.

But you don’t worry, here I will help you to understand how to build citations?

Before we start, if you are living in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, then I have something valuable for you.

Visiting the following link, and get Top local sources for your country.

Don’t worry, if you are not live in the above countries, because by using white spark local citation finder tool of the free version, you can easily find good citation sources in your country and area.

You can find citations by completing Research

You can find citations by using Google Search.

Just go to the Google and search for local business listing sites or business directory.

Lots of people make a mistake here, and they build negative citations for their business.

You will don’t do these types of mistakes, that is why I have shared proper search quarry below.

You just copy the below search quarry, edit with your city and paste into Google.

This is the right way to find positive citations sources for your business.

Searches to find city-specific citation sources:

  • (your city) business directory
  • (your city) business listings
  • (your city) directory

Searches to find industry/niche specific citation sources:

  • (your keyword) business directory
  • (your keyword) business listings
  • (your keyword) directory

I hope, now you have learned what is local SEO citations, why is it important, which citations are best for your business and end the last how to find the best citations sources in your area.

But now I going to share with you a game-winning strategy, which is spying your competitor’s citations, and you have to build your citations on those sources.

This strategy is very important and useful so don’t skip it.

How to find Competitors Citations?

You can find your competitors citations by using manually and automatically (by using the software).

Instance, Here I am spying Digital Marketing agency business citations in my area (Surat).

Here I will show you 3 methods to find any business accurate citations.

2 methods are manual and for the last 1 method we will use paid software, by using paid software you can get all competitors citations sources within one click.

First of all, we will check the top 3 citations source of competitors business with the first manual method.

Method #1

Go to Google and search your targeted keyword in Google.

Here I am searching for “Digital Marketing In Surat” then click on the first business listing and scroll down that result page, there you will see Web Search option.

Local Citations

In the above screenshot, you can see the top 3 business citations of your competitors, you can explore all of your competitors turn by turn.

Bonus Tips: If you will get your competitor website link in this 3 web search, then you have to go to your competitor website blog section. There you will get comment option at the bottom of the blog post, so post good valuable comment with your NAP.

By using this hack you can get citations from your competitor’s websites.

But here you will get only the top 3 sources.

But if you want to spy all citations sources of your all competitors then you should use the second method.

By using this method you will all sources of citations.

Method #2

Now we will spy competitor’s all citations sources by using another manual method.

Here also you have to search on Google.

But here we don’t search our targeted keyword, but here we will search the competitor’s NP (Name and Phone Number).

  • “Business Name<SPACE>Phone Number”

You have to search your competitors Business Name and Phone Number in the above format.

By using this method you will get all citations your entire competitor’s.

But manual methods are time taking.

If you don’t have time for manual method, then I have one more method.

That method saves lots of valuable time.

Method #3

In this method, we will use paid White Spark local citations finder software.

This software is really very useful software for all business owners and Digital Marketers.

According to me and also other entrepreneur said, this software is actually money deserve software.

White Spark provides a FREE trial of their software.

So first you can try their software free trial, and then if you think this software is useful for you then you can buy their premium software.

So let’s start to find local citations of competitors by using this software.

If you don’t have a White Spark Free account yet? Then click here and create a free account of white spark for spy competitor’s business citations.

Once you will complete the signup. Then you will redirect to the dashboard. (Below you can see)

Local Citations

There you will see keyphrase search and Business Search.

By using the keyphrase search tool you can find your real competitors.

(That we have already done, by using first manually method).

Once you have collected your competitor’s list. Then go to the business search tool, and select your competitor’s country, location, phone number, and business name, and then click on the search button.

Local Citations

In one click you will get your all competitor’s citations sources links.

Once you will get your competitor’s citations list via mail.

Then you have to submit your business NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) there, and build strong citations than your all competitors.

If you haven’t White Spark free account yet, Just Click Here and create your free account now.

I hope now you have understood everything about citations, why it is important and how to build accurate citations.

And you also familiar with finding competitor citations websites because this is one of the most important parts of the local ranking.

Before we wind up you must read Google My Business Ads set guidelines, in that article, you will get in-depth details about Google Local Maps Ads.


Citations are a very important part of the local ranking factor.

According to Moz Local SEO Survey, they founded 13.31% your business listing is depending on citations.

If you are not familiar with local citations, don’t worry, in this article I have covered everything that will help you to rank your local business listing in Google maps.

Along with this, I have covered, why citations are important for any business.

Lots of people are don’t know, Nowadays Google citations algorithm has changed, and now Google has been counting business other information also as citations along with NAP.

Still, NAP is main part of citations, but now business other similar information also counts as citations.

You must read component of local citations section, there you will get something valuable.

Lots of small business owners only pray to the god for Google local ranking, but they don’t know only pray can’t boost their ranking.

They have to do competitor’s citations analysis, and spy their citations sources and build strong and accurate citations for your business.

And also Optimize Local Business Listing with my Google Maps listing guides.

I have already shared my 3 methods to find competitors citations, and also I have shared a bonus tip, which will help you to get citations from your competitor’s website.

I hope you have learned everything about citations, also I hope you liked my strategy to increase local business ranking.

If you liked my article, please share this article with your friends, and you will give them good opportunity to grow their small business online.

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Thank You.

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